Organization for Advancement and Safeguard of Industrial Sector

Why Oasis?

Our beloved country, Pakistan, is a gold mine. A region strategically so well located, in the center of attention for the world at large. A land full of natural resources, from oil and gas to coal and minerals, from precious stones to metal ores, from food grains to fresh fruits and vegetables, it is the land of opportunities. With a history based on centuries old rich tradition in art and craft, the region boasts an equally brilliant track record of thriving trade and industry.

The people of Pakistan have globally proved their mettle as global leaders in all disciplines times and again. Be it science and technology or trade and industry, innovation in IT or excellence in medicine, championship in sports or leadership as entrepreneurs, Pakistanis have lead in past and still are leading the world.

All these factors combined, we have a world of wealth at our hand, be it material or human.

OASIS, as a Welfare Organization, stands for the industry and the industrial workforce, as a whole. It is not there to safeguard the interests of one particular industrial sector. The posture of the organization beyond affiliations on political or sector basis strengthens its ability to be heard more effectively among all stakeholders including authorities in a position to make a difference at policies front. Unlike associations existing for all different sectors of industry, which are considered to have bias towards the interests of their relevant industrial sectors, Oasis will be a representative body for the development and safeguard of the overall industry in a complete unbiased way.

“Here is God’s plenty, both in terms of talent and resources. The only thing lacking is the collective will to harness that potential.”

What is wrong then?

Despite being one of the richest nations in all terms of resources, we still are dependent on foreign aid for our survival. Our economy is constantly in doldrums and even when rarely the governments do paint a rosy picture of the economic progress, major part of their picture is based on false figure plays and a lie. While the world at large is rapidly making progress, including countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India in our region, we practically feel like going backwards.

From the political leadership down to the common man, a self-centered approach marred the national interest. Rampant corruption, a natural outcome of such attitude, is the eating out very roots of our existence. Nepotism is giving way to a culture where capable individuals are leaving the country for greener pastures and our governance at every level is coming in the hands of incompetent and incapable people again resulting in wide spread destruction of our institutions. The key of “Unity, faith and discipline” given in our hands by our beloved Quaid has been lost somewhere amidst a dirty war of mean personal gains. The phrase “National interest” has unfortunately been reduced to a mere political slogan.

“Our industry is facing an existential threat at the hands of problems that continue to plague it”.

How to get out of it?

Instead of keep looking in expectation towards the government, which we’ve seen has not worked in past 65 years; why not come out of the shell of individual approach and get together to make the mends at the grass root level. Focusing on the root causes, together, we can not only assist, advise and pressurize governments on the effective steps required to come out of this situation but can also make huge difference on the self-help basis, together.

All we need to do is to channelize the immense wealth of resources at our hand and put them into work for collective benefit of the people of this country.

Focusing on the economic well-being of the nation down to an individual in real terms, we can make a place of respect for ourselves in the League of Nations.

In the form of OASIS, while gathering all the stakeholders of the industry on one platform, we intend to develop a team of relevant technocrat professionals to take up and handle all the issues faced by the industry on a permanent basis. This will allow the industrialists and entrepreneurs to focus completely on the development in their business and industries.

The element of protection and safeguard will be taken over by the OASIS team of professionals on a collective basis multiplying our strengths while dividing our worries.

“A serious concerted effort is need of the hour”.

Dawn of a new era in Industrialization

With a clear vision to leave no stone unturned to achieve independence in industrial sector. OASIS is formed by a group of people concerned for the state of economy and resulting effects on the citizens especially on the industrial workforce in this country. From pin pointing the problem areas and bottlenecks in all spheres of industrial sector, the organization is geared to develop road maps and work on their implementations on self-help basis.

While giving an overview of the objectives of the organization, we invite all the concerned individuals, companies and organizations to join hands with OASIS for this cause the benefits of which are bound to be shared by our present and future generations.


  • Dignity of work
  • Self-esteem
  • Integrity
  • Unity, faith, discipline
  • Dedication
  • Loyalty
  • Endurance

OASIS will follow a simple four point agenda, first two points being our immediate focus, while the other two points to be the long-term focus. Following four areas will be targeted:

Immediate focus:

  1. Protection of the existing industry
  2. Revival of shutdown/ sick industrial units

Long-term focus:

  1. Expansion of industrial base through Earmarking and Promoting Prospective Industries.
  2. Striving to create an Industrial Friendly Environment to keep the process going.
    Now, for the purpose of clarity, let’s elaborate each of these four points for a wider understanding among the concerned stakeholders.